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Al Minicola Insurance

16811 Hale Avenue Suite A

Irvine, CA 92606

Office: 800.536.2285 | 949.336.4343

Fax: 949.336.4347

CA INS LIC #0D48098

Carrying on the tradition.

Hard work pays off.


Al Minicola Sr.—the heart of the Minicola Insurance Agency—founded the company himself in 1978. He rode his new business through all the ups and downs that “mother economy” could throw at him—learning, adapting, and growing—but never stopping.


His payoff? The satisfaction of having built one of the finest small business insurance agencies in California.


Ask him what made the difference and he will fire back at you, “hard work and persistence”, two words that describe the principles of success for the Al Minicola Insurance Agency.


It was hard work and persistence that helped Al Sr. make a connection with customers. Customers who worked like he did—customers whose success depended on hard work and labor. It’s the real key to the Minicola Insurance success story. And it is the legacy that has been handed down to Al Jr. and the rest of the Minicola Insurance staff.


Minicola Insurance today.

Making connections, building relationships, anticipating needs, and creating custom insurance strategies—Minicola Insurance is a bustling office of customer satisfaction.


Their understanding of how customers operate is allowing a level of service that most agencies dream about. They know what’s important and what’s not. And they know how to negotiate with customers.


Understanding the customers needs is an important point, because the Minicola focus is—and always has been—on finding a way to assist the customer beyond the protection of a policy. A task that requires customer knowledge.


As Al Jr. puts it, “Let’s be honest, most people know that pricing is controlled by the insurance carriers. Agencies have little control—contrary to what many might have you believe—on price. And the best way to help a customer is to create benefits outside of the policy protection.” Something that is easier said than done, but routinely achieved for the customers of Al Minicola Insurance.


Because it’s knowledge that creates a competitive advantage at Al Minicola Insurance. And it’s knowledge that will continue their legacy of success—along with hard work and persistence—for years to come.

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